Episode #57 -- The Bold & The Beautiful Friday, March 23, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, "The Bold and the Beautiful" premiered on CBS.  It's a soap opera that's still on the air today.  I talk about soaps in the 1980s and my brief excursions as a soap watcher, one of which was my introduction to a famous British soap, twenty years ago.

Today's episode music is from "Oh Manyo," by Father Rock.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #56 -- Jim Bakker Thursday, March 22, 2007.  Twenty years ago this week, TV preacher Jim Bakker left his PTL ministry in disgrace amid allegations of both sexual and financial misconduct.  I talk about how Bakker and his then wife, Tammy Faye (pictured at the left) in some ways epitomized the culture of excess that permeated the 1980s.  I also share some personal thoughts about TV preachers.

Today's episode music is from "Celestial Voices," by Commander Yo.  Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #55 -- John D. MacDonald Another "lost episode," this one written and recorded for December 28, 2006.  Twenty years ago, author John D. MacDonald (pictured at the right) died.  He wrote hundreds of novels and short stories in just about every genre, but was best known for a series of mystery-thrillers featuring beach bum/detective Travis McGee.  I talk about MacDonald and his career, as well as offer a confession about when I really started reading the Travis McGee books.

Today's episode music is "8 Track SupaStar," by KCentric.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007.  Twenty years ago today was a Friday the 13th; it was also the heyday of the movie series bearing that title.  I share some information about the history of Friday the 13th in folklore and superstition, and then talk about why I really don't like slasher flicks.

Today's episode music is from "Weapons of Mass SIDuction," by DJ Topshelf.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #53 -- Les Miserables Monday, March 12, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, "Les Miserables" opened on Broadway.  I talk about the history of the production and how it has become a staple of the musical theater scene, and follow that up with some assorted thoughts on musicals, show tunes, and a somewhat strange fan of a particular musical.

Today's episode music is "Overpopulation," by Flopsy Music.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #52 -- Macintosh II Friday, March 2, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, Apple Computer introduced their newest computer, the Mac II.  I talk about that particular machine, compare the relative expense of top-of-the-line home computers then and now, and muse about the way technology has gotten progressively more powerful, yet less expensive.

Today's music is "Press YES To Start Demo," by Aaron Derington.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

There's also a promo for Yog-Sothoth.com, a gaming website devoted to Call of Cthulhu.  They also do a delightful podcast, Yog Radio.

If you're a podcaster and would like to swap promos, please email me!

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Episode #51 -- Airline Mergers Thursday, March 1. 2007.  [Almost caught up now!]

Twenty years ago today, Western Airlines and Delta Airlines announced they would merge, effective in a month.  It was the latest example of change that had become the norm for the airline industry in the nine years since deregulation.  I talk about the merger and the state of the airline industry during this time.

Episode music:  "See You In Seattle," by the Scottish Guitar Quartet.

Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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