Episode #60 -- California Condors For April 19, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, the last wild California condor -- designated AC9 -- was captured and placed in a captive breeding program.  I talk about the condors, the captive breeding program and its results over the past twenty years, and my own history of trying to help endangered animals.

The picture at the right is of AC9 himself, who was released back into the wild in 2002.  It was taken in 2005 by nature photographer Dave Wyman, and is used with his permission.

Today's episode music is "Taking You There," by Jeremiah Fleming.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #59 -- Arch Oboler This episode was written and produced for March 19, 2007.  Twenty years ago from that day, radio storytelling great Arch Oboler died.  I talk about Oboler and his work -- including a pair of clips from his most famous program, Lights Out -- and talk about the differences in audiences -- and producers -- between the "golden age of radio" and today.

The picture of Arch Oboler to the right was painted by portrait artist Michael Bennett, and is used here with his permission.

Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Sunday, April 1, 2007.  Twenty years ago today, a town in Illinois instituted a new system of "sin taxes."  I explain how the system worked and how it's changed over the years.

Today's episode was inspired by one of the stories on this webpage.

Today's episode music is "Butt Quake," by Commander Yo.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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