Some conflicting information about today's event led me to make this podcast a bit of a behind the scenes show, about the research that goes into making an episode of "It Was Twenty Years Ago Today."

Today's episode music is "October," by the Scottish Guitar Quartet.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Twenty years ago today would forever after be known as "Boesky Day" on Wall Street, when financier Ivan Boesky's spectacular career came to an even more spectacular end.

I found this account of a oral history discussion between the lawyers involved in both sides of the Boesky case (PDF document) particularly helpful in preparing this podcast.

This episode's music is "Overnighter," by Jeremiah Fleming.  I found it at PodsafeAudio.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Twenty years ago today, President Reagan spoke to the nation from the Oval Office, and denied that he sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the freedom of Americans held hostage in Lebanon.  It was a story that he would elaborate on -- and change a great deal -- in the days to come, as the Iran/Contra scandal began to unfold.

Today's episode music is "Green Forst," by Aaron Derington.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Episode #22 -- Michael Jackson's "Bad" The music video for the title track of Michael Jackson's album "Bad" was being shot in New York City twenty years ago today.  I look at Michael Jackson, how he dominated the popular music scene back then, and wonder a bit about what he has become.

Music for this episode is "Over Under," by Father Rock.  Theme music was composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Character actor Roger C. Carmel died twenty years ago today.  His career included roles as wide as the Batman tv series, Smokey the Bear, and "Senor Naugles" in a very popular series of commercials for the now-defunct Naugles restaurant chain.  But his most famous role was that of Harry Mudd in the original Star Trek. 

The fall of 1986 was a pivotal time in the history of Star Trek.  The fourth film was due out soon and the series "Star Trek: the Next Generation" would be coming out a year later.  I talk about what Trek fandom was like in those days.

Today's episode music is "Meandering in the Sun," by Seraphic Panoply.  Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.
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Episode #20 -- V.M. Molotov Twenty years ago today, Vyacheslav Mikhaylevich Molotov (pictured at right) died at the age of 96. I take a look at the life of a man who at the time of his death, was the last surviving major participant in the 1917 Russian Revolution. I also have a bit of trivia about the explosive that bears his name.

Today's episode music is "Zombie," by Devin Anderson.  Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.
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Episode #19 -- General Election The mid-term election of 1986 took place on this day.  I take a look at some of the results, particularly California Propositions 64 (dealing with the way AIDS was treated under public health law) and 65 (called in the day "the toxics initiative), and the recall of state Chief Justice Rose Bird (pictured at the right). Rose Bird died in 1999.

Today's episode music is "Tell Me T," by Father Rock.  Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.
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Episode #18 -- Dias de los Muertos and Paul Frees Today is the second day of the Dias de los Muertos festival.  I offer a brief introduction to this Mexican holiday, as well as pay tribute to voice actor Paul Frees, who died on this day 20 years ago.

Today's episode music is "Muertos," by Gringo Motel.  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

(I am still a little behind the curve, but at least it's still November 2nd local time, if only just.  If all goes well I'll be back on schedule for the November 4 podcast.  Thank you all for your patience and indulgence.)

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Episode #17 -- Harry Houdini [Apologies for the delay in getting this episode posted -- I'm running a bit behind the curve this week.]

October 31, 1986 was the 60th anniversary of the passing of arguably the greatest magician and escape artist of all time, Harry Houdini.  I take a look at the history of the Houdini seances, as well as some of the continuing developments of the Houdini legend.

Today's episode music is "8 Track SupaStar," by KCentric.  I found it at  Theme music composed and performed by Marc Rose.

This marks the end of the first month of "It Was 20 Years Ago Today."  I've gotten great feedback on the podcast so far.  If you're enjoying the show and would like to see it continue, please let me know!
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