The Independent began publishing 20 years ago today.  I take a look at that event, and my experience at about the same time as a reporter for the Del Norte Triplicate.

Today's music was from "The Birth of Language" by Harley Glotzer.

Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.

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Today I look back to the incident which opened up the Iran/Contra scandal, and the man who inadvertently started it all.  I also share a few thoughts on saturation news coverage.

Today's music is "Melodisturbed Remix," by J. Marie Anderson.  I found it at PodSafe Audio.

Theme music is composed and performed by Marc Rose.
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The fifth episode of "The Trial of a Time Lord" (or the first episode of "Mindwarp," depending on your point of view) aired for the first time 20 years ago today.  We look at a few facts about that episode of "Doctor Who," as well as the lengths I went to in those days to see even a little of my favorite TV show.
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Welcome to the premier episode of "It Was 20 Years Ago Today."  Today we look back to October 3, 1986, when the Journal of the American Medical Association carried three different articles dealing with AIDS.

I found the AIDS Timeline at very useful in preparing this episode.

The episode music is "Ambulance Ride for the Soon to Be Deceased," by Devin Anderson.  The theme music was composed and performed by Marc Rose.
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